In September 2013, Melting Games Information launched the world's first 3D TCG strategy game 'Three Kingdoms', and gradually launched operations in China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions. The game is loved by players and is honored ' Korea’s first free list', 'Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan best-selling list', and is officially recommended by Apple of Korea, with the highest monthly turnover of 50 million yuan.
In April 2015, in consideration of our long-term development in the gaming industry, we signed an acquisition agreement with GAE Co., Ltd. Since then, Melting Games Information has carried out development and publishing for the Japanese gaming market. In October, the second and the third game 'Dragon Gate Guard' and 'Dragon War' of Melting Games Information were released, with monthly sales exceeding 10 million. In December, the fourth product 'Soul of Sengoku Shura', cooperating with the well-known Japanese manufacturer CR. The number of reservations exceeded 100,000, and the monthly turnover exceeded tens of millions. It ranked second in the app store free list and the overall app ranking 55.
In 2017, the development of 'Three Kingdoms: Epic War' came to an end, and the development of 'IDollers' is also in full swing, and our team is getting bigger than ever. On the premise of maintaining the advantages of outsourcing business and operation, GAE strengthens its own technology development capabilities and constantly seeks capital and business cooperation with domestic and overseas enterprises. In the same year, Huorong Information represented the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan agency rights of Bingfeng's 'Evil Spirit Begone' project. The DAU reached more than 30,000 in the first month of launch, and it began to make profits in the first month.
Melting Games Information will embark on a new journey, a much more grand path, develop more high-quality games, focusing on the market all over, and letting Chinese Games shine through.
In September 2012, Melting Games Information was formally founded. In just one month, we received an angel investment of 1.2 million RMB. At that time, the company had only 7 employees. At the end of January and September of the following year, the company received the second and third investment payments, amounting to RMB 9 million.
In May 2014, taking into account the company’s sustainable development, Melting Games Information signed an acquisition agreement with Talkweb Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tuowei Information”). The agreement stipulates: Talkweb Information is to be valued at RMB 810 million Purchased 90% of the shares of our company in the form of 'cash + stock'. The transaction has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Talkweb Information holds 100% of Melting Games.
In 2016, while further improving our technology development capabilities, also strengthened its corporate operations capabilities and established an issuance team to formally transform to an integrated research and transportation model. Under the new integrated research and transportation model, the proportion of online game revenue has increased from 15%-25% to 40%-70%. In addition to operating self-developed projects, we also act as an agent for some more mature games for intermodal transportation.
In 2019, Melting Games once again obtained the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan agency rights for the 'Evil Spirit Begone 2' project, and is currently operating online. Because the 'Evil Spirit Begone 1' went so big, the performance of the second-generation products is also very eye-catching.